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Learn 12 Secrets to Becoming a Thought Leader

Cogito ergo sum - I think therefore I am. (Reading Time: 5 Minutes) Learn how to be a thought leader from David Zinger's employee engagement thought leadership. Do you want to be a thought leader? This post outlines a quirky 12 step … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: David Zinger at 60

21 Employee Engagement Intentions for the next 15 years Today, September 24th, 2014, I turned 60. This is a time when friends and colleagues are retired, turning their thoughts towards retirement, or focused on the end of work. Yet, I intend … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Is Employee Disengagement a Form of Death?

Something dies in us when we disengage I was flying from Winnipeg to Singapore at the end of August to do a one day workshop on employee engagement. I was minding my own business when my brain began to nudge me with a quiet question that began … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Learn to Boost Engagement with Progress and Setback Conversations

If you are a virtual or mobile manager we need your help:  Do you manage 10 or more mobile or virtual staff? Do you want to improve employee engagement? Do you know how to engage by focusing on progress and setbacks? Are you willing to be … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Invitation: Work Can Make You Well

Get to Work and Find Well Being I think for far too many of us work is hell not well. We disengage. We experience drudgery. We burnout. We feel drained. We encounter toxic relationships. We lack the resources for the job. We … [Read more]

Get with it: Are you ready for Employee Engagement 2015?

Get with it for more robust employee engagement I frequently see three different approaches to employee engagement. In the first approach employee engagement it something the organization does to employees. In the second approach employee … [Read more]

How to Live Fully at Work: The New Employee Recognition

We need more authentic and robust employee engagement and recognition. I am honored to be invited by Klinic Community Health Centre in Winnipeg to speak during lunch hour at Vimy Ridge Park in Winnipeg during "Connecting Canada" for World … [Read more]

12 Tips for Virtual Employee Engagement

Don't Be So Remote It was a pleasure to write this blog post for Fuze, an excellent platform for mobile work,  on 12 tips for virtual employee engagement. Here is one of my opening paragraphs and one of the 12 tips. I encourage you to go to the full … [Read more]

Employee Engagement 3 Word Theme for 2014/2015: Engage, Engage, Engage

History of the 3-word theme. I first read about the 3 word theme from Chris Brogan. I have been using a 3-word theme for my work for six years and will be entering year seven in 10 days. Previous themes included: In 2009 my theme … [Read more]

Excellent and Eclectic Guidance on Employee Engagement and Virtual Teams

How to Successfully Manage Virtual Teams Nearly 40% of global knowledge workers are now considered “anywhere, anytime” workers and an increasing number of us work in different locations than our managers and teams. Managing people and teams … [Read more]