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Help Yourself to The 10 Best Free and Fantastic Employee Engagement Resources

Fantastic Free Employee Engagement Resources (plus a bonus resource). I am celebrating my 61st birthday today. At my age, I don't need any presents but I'd like to give some, so here are 11 employee engagement presents … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: 10 Ways You Can Flourish with Nourishing Work

Work can make you well - Really! (The reading time for this post is 5 minutes and 30 seconds) Here are 3 reasons why you should read this post : You will build your wellbeing toolkit by developing familiarity with 10 ways to flourish at … [Read more]

Question: Why Be A People Artist?

Why should you be a people artist at work? People artistry is a form of powerful recognition that recognizes others while enhancing their engagement. It can foster both retention and loyalty. It may increase productivity and profits. But these are … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Who is Your People Artist?

People Artists draw out the best in others. It is our debt. The debt we owe to the people who drew out the best in us. In the 48 second video below an attendee at the HRPA conference in Toronto acknowledges her People Artist. Watch the video and … [Read more]

Crack Open Work With The Employee Engagement Six Pack

We are personally responsible for our own engagement. Even if we accept, personal responsibility for engagement and we have the will to engage, we can benefit from the skills of engagement. Learn the skills … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: People Artists See Behind Their Own Lenses

How to Leap into People Artistry Please take 3 minutes to view this short video about six photographers being given six different stories about the man they are asked to photograph. Their story influences the shot they take. Are you any … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Leap Into People Artistry

Are you ready to Leap Into People Artistry? From Ground Hog Day on February 2nd (Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow - hopefully an early spring) until leap year day February 29 I am focusing 4 weeks on People Artistry.  I encourage you … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Network Buzz – Our Eighth Anniversary Today!

What a buzz... I started the Employee Engagement Network 8 years ago to gather 20 or 30 people to talk about employee engagement. We are now at 6941 members. It was a very cold Saturday in Winnipeg, Canada and I did not want "to go outside and … [Read more]

Employee Engagement and Gamification

Winnipeg Lunch and Learn, March 15, 2016 in conjunction with MCCA Managers face serious tasks, problems, and challenges. They require a fully engaged workforce, yet Gallup has revealed that engagement levels may be as low as 30 percent around … [Read more]

A Step Towards Infusing Employee Engagement Into Performance Management

I have been advocating for the infusion of the many silos of understanding work, from employee engagement and performance management to wellbeing and making progress. This week the US government advocated for putting employee engagement into … [Read more]

Are You Prepared for the End of Employee Engagement?

The End of Employee Engagement: David Zinger's chapter in the ASTD Management Development Handbook In 2012 I wrote a chapter on employee engagement for Lisa Haneberg’s (2012) The ASTD Management Development Handbook. Here is the opening … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: What I Learned from Why We Work

Why We Work by Barry Schwartz Suggested reading time = One minute and eleven seconds Over the Christmas holidays I read Barry Schwartz's book on Why We Work.  I have decided to tightly focus my next 4 years on teaching about work and … [Read more]

Can you solve the employee engagement equation?

What's your answer to employee engagement? Many of us are puzzled trying to solve this engagement equation: Work + ? = Employee Engagement What variable must we add to work to increase engagement? The puzzle has offered a vast and confusing … [Read more]


What is your 2020 vision for employee engagement? On January 1, of 2016 we will have four years or 1460 + 1 days until the year 2020. What are you going to do during this period? I would love to offer you some pearls of wisdom but I am … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: What’s Your Moonshot?

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and global expert. … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Can you make the mundane engaging?

Check out my short post today on LinkedIN by Duane Bray on how IDEO strives to make the mundane engaging. There is also a short slide show included on The Little Book of IDEO. To read the post click on the picture by Peter W. Hart or click … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Are You A Toasted Marshmallow?

Don't get burnt at work by lacking the vital human skills of leadership. I hate the term soft skills. Here is my latest post on LinkedIn on why we should stop referring to the human skills at work as soft … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Gathering is Our Work

3 Men in a Boat Do you gather before you start your work? Do you see gathering as part of work. In Turkey, I watched these three men gather before they began to get their boat ready to cast off. They seemed so connected and joined being … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Lesson From Pamukkale, Turkey: Not Everything is as it Seems

As a Canadian I tend to believe that everything that is white is snow or ice. While in Turkey this November, my wife and I visited Pamukkale. Pamukkale means cotton castle. It seemed that we were back in Canada near a glacier. Yet, this was a … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: The Revenge of the Management Jargon Slayer

John Junson is approaching his 500th cartoon on employee engagement. He returns this week as the management jargon slayer. He even gave me a byline which makes me feel like Sancho Panza helping Don Quixote tilt against the windmills of useless … [Read more]

People Artists See

I was so pleased during the last two weeks with the response to the launch of People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work. People Artists See. We see people. It is one of our 5 fundamental tools. I encourage you this week to really see … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Be The Fish

An employee engagement lesson from Turkey I sometimes think we do too much fishing (surveying) for engagement. Engagement requires immersion. As Rumi suggested: You're just a small fish; you can't live without water. Don't think … [Read more]

Book Launch of People Artists in Winnipeg Tonight (November 30th 7PM)

People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work by Peter W. Hart and myself is launching at 7PM tonight in Winnipeg at McNally Robinson bookstore in Grant Park. If you are in Winnipeg join with us for the launch and … [Read more]

Free People Artists and Employee Engagement Workshop in Winnipeg on Tuesday December 1

My friend and co-author, Peter W. Hart, and I are offering a free 90 minute workshop on Tuesday December 1 from 8AM to 9:30 at the Winnipeg Winter Club. Space is limited, if you are interested contact me at: … [Read more]

A New Lesson in Employee Engagement with Gratitude to Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey has taught me much about employee engagement. I will be writing more about this over the next few months. I wrote a short post on LinkedIn today on what we can learn about employee engagement by ballooning over Cappadocia. Go there now to … [Read more]

J’aime Paris: A Heartfelt Plea for People Artistry

Written Saturday November 14th in Istanbul the morning after the Paris Massacre We desperately need People Artists. We need people who bring out the best in others. We hear too much about the worst and fail to find, celebrate, and draw out the … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Building Bridges

A lesson from Istanbul Turkey on Employee Engagement Reading time = 57 seconds On a Bhosporous ferry ride in Istanbul I saw the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge near the Black Sea. I believe this is an iconic image for work on employee engagement. … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Invisibility is Not an Option

Banish anonymity and invisibility at work Don't let employees be or believe they are invisible. Be a People Artist and draw out the best from the people you work with. This is accomplished by seeing everyone you work with and letting them know … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Is Not A Problem

Employee Engagement: Problem or Experience? Ultimately to me, engagement is not a problem to be solved. It is an experience to be lived, a result to be achieved, a relationship to be built, and a work-based pathway to well-being. ~ David … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: People Artists Are Not Weary Travellers!

People Artists Use Their Eyes to See On Friday I was returning to Winnipeg from Montreal. I had an hour before my flight and went to the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge. As I scanned the lounge the travellers looked so weary and seemed impervious … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: 11 Years in Social Media and 11 Gifts For You

11 Years of Social Media Work - And 11 Gifts For You! Today, October 4, 2015, marks my eleventh anniversary of writing, contributing and interacting on social media. It has been an awesome opportunity and privilege to make so many friends and … [Read more]

Employee Engagement and Working with Halogen Software

I am in Ottawa right now at the Halogen Software Conference. It was a pleasure yesterday to facilitate a session on employee engagement. Halogen Software was welcoming, supportive, fun, and well-organized. My session went very well as I … [Read more]

An Ode to Distraction: The Lighter Side of Employee Engagement

I invite you to enjoy my Linked In post on distraction today. It includes a selfie taken with the Rosetta stone when I was in the British Museum. It also includes a picture of a tricycle that is too small for me to ride. Click here to read the … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Engage the Year Ahead with 2-Simple Rules

Are 2 simple rules powerful enough to guide a year of work and interaction? Reading time = 2 minutes and 50 seconds Simple rules. I have become enamoured with simple rules to guide and govern behavior and actions. It is a bit ironic as I … [Read more]

Get Small and Simple for Employee Engagement

In employee engagement --- SMALL IS THE NEW SIGNIFICANT! Reading time = 54 seconds How has that big employee engagement program been doing? Is your large employee engagement initiative making a difference? I have no doubt that employee … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Embrace Your Jagged Experience of Work and Wellbeing

The New Balance in Employee Engagement is Jagged and Precarious I know you have seen them. The stack of smooth stones that offer a visual of calm and tranquility. I confess that I have always been attracted to them and even used them on the cover of … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Get Respect

My post on employee engagement and respect was just published on Halogen's TalentSpace. Click here to go read it. I look forward to an action-packed and insightful presentation at the Halogen conference in Ottawa in September. David Zinger … [Read more]

Does Your Employee Engagement Survey Serve You? Really?

Let's bring employee engagement into the year 2015. Reading time = 34 seconds Here is the headline from a recent article: Is it time to sack the annual employee engagement survey? Click on the title to read it. Short answer: YES, sack it. … [Read more]

Turn People Artistry into Your Healthy Routine

Do you have a recognition routine to draw out the best from the people you lead and manage? People Artistry is anything but routine yet paradoxically a routine is what can get you into People Artistry and sustain your work at bringing out the … [Read more]

Employee Engagement at Halogen Software Conference in Ottawa (September)

Join me September 9 to September 11, 2015 in Ottawa to learn more about employee engagement. .@davidzinger shares how to make #engagement work for your org at #HSCC15. Register now! — Halogen … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Nobody Wants an F

HRE Daily recently published an article entitled: Companies Surveyed Flunk Employee Engagement. Here was the conclusion in the article: “HR should be leading the charge to raise the firm’s employee engagement maturity level,” says Bruce Temkin, … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Give me an inch

Dan Cook on the Employee Benefits Network wrote a piece: Employee engagement inching higher. Reading time = 49 seconds I'll take an inch of progress in this field any day. But Dan goes on to talk about the Tempkin Group study with this … [Read more]

People Artists: The Little Human Guidebook for Leadership and Management

People Artists Draw Out the Best at Work Reading time = 55 seconds People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work will be released this October. I encourage you to think about what it would mean for you to be a People Artist. By … [Read more]

No Time for Employee Engagement? Really?

Reading time: 54 seconds Here is a headline from an engagement article from last week. Who’s Got Time to Manage Employee Engagement? I liked the post and the argument. I appreciated Johnathan Bright's conclusion: It is, as ever, a question of … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Take One Small People Artist Step Right Now

Draw out the best in someone before we reach August. People Artists draw out the best in others. I think sometimes we can make this too big, too complex, and too unwieldy. I am writing this at 8:47 AM on the last day of July. If you read this … [Read more]

People Artists Coming in October: Catch the Fire

People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work will be released this October. Peter W. Hart and I will be releasing our new book on People Artists in October. The picture in this post, painted by Peter, was used for our cover. Watch … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Just Another Brick in the … Pyramid

Here are 10 "bricks" I use for employee engagement. The bricks from top to bottom and left to right are: results, performance, progress, relationships, recognition, moments, strengths, meaning, wellbeing, and energy. They were … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Calling in Winnipeg

If you are in Winnipeg on September 24th (my 61st. birthday). I invite you to join me for an employee engagement session for Manitoba Customer Contact Association. Early Bird closes for #EmployeeEngagement calling with @davidzinger on July 31st. … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Survey: Black Hole or Portal?

Does your survey shed new light on work and the organization? Employee engagement surveys are instruments to penetrate the blackness of our knowledge about our employees' attitudes and perspectives about work. They should offer insight leading … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Micro Lesson: Put Your Heart into Stopping

Employee Engagement Micro Lesson: Stop before you Start I loved the heart shaped stop signal traffic lights in Akureyri, Iceland. I believe we can all benefit by putting our heart into what we can stop before we launch our next employee engagement … [Read more]

If You Are Stuck in Employee Engagement, Get Sticky.

Are your employee engagement ideas sticky? Made to stick from James McQueen … [Read more]

Is 15 Minutes of Employee Engagement Sufficient?

What is your engagement time zone? Reading time = 2 minutes and 15 seconds Why should you read this post? We often ask too much of engagement and find that there are many times we postpone, procrastinate, and struggle to get going with a … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Start Your Day with an Engaging Morning Routine

Can you say "good morning" and really mean it? A few years ago, the morning I spent at the Taj Mahal, with my wife, was completely engaging. The picture I took above was just one of many that reflected my wakeful and blissful awe inspiring … [Read more]

Employee Engagement: Get Connected

Michael Lee Stallard released the book, Connection Culture, today. Congratulations to Michael, Jason, and Katharine on this wonderful book. Below is an image and quotation I created based on the book. I encourage you to get connected by … [Read more]

21 Tools and Concepts for Employee Engagement

One of my most popular posts was on 21 tools to improve employee engagement. I have create a slide presentation on the subject. 21 contemporary employee engagement tools and concepts david zinger from David Zinger David Zinger Winnipeg, … [Read more]

Employee Engagement Flavors: Find Your True Vanilla

Find Your True Vanilla I think employee engagement is simple. Please notice that I did not say that employee engagement is easy. We seem to keep expanding employee engagement with hundreds of survey questions and more approaches than you see … [Read more]

Employee Engagement in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I have lived in Winnipeg for 48 years or 80% of my life. I love the community and the terrific people I have become friends with. For the past 10 years I have been focusing on employee engagement and seem more likely to work in Singapore, Doha, … [Read more]