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Employee engagement: Don’t be blind to what you already do!

Overcome Your Organization’s Employee Engagement Metaphoric Disconnect.

I am honored to work with so many fine companies and organizations on engagement. To create a strong approach to engagement we must not use a cookie cutter or off the shelf approach to engagement. I have talked with 5 clients already in 2013 about the disconnect between what they offer their customers and clients and how they engage their employees.

I have called this the metaphoric disconnect meaning that organizations often have a lacuna or blind spot. Marketers would refer to this as the connection between the external and  the internal brand but I think it is bigger than that and the very use of the word brand blinds some companies to how they can have their engagement approaches mirror their purpose, tools, and approach to customers and clients.

For example:

  • If you are a dance company how does dance influence your engagement?
  • If you are an energy company how does energy generation and transmission fit for your approach to engagement?
  • If you are a health care organization how do you create healthy engagement?
  • If you are a social service organization how do you serve and connect your employees socially?
  • If you are a financial company how does investment, return, and currency fit within your engagement efforts?

Before you go looking for external solutions to internal challenges make sure you look at what you are doing externally and determine how you can transfer the concepts and approaches to internal engagement. Of course, as David Zinger, I may need to use more zingers and put more zing into my work!

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David Zinger is not a brand, he is a human being who wants to help other organizations and individuals create strong engagement with work. He is working at putting a bit more “zing” into what he does.

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