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Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #21: Homework = 0

Yahoo or Boohoo?

By June of this year all Yahoo employees will no long work from home.


What do you think about home work or working from home? It will be interesting to see the impact on employees created by Yahoo’s decision to stop having people work from home. What will happen to their employee engagement? I value face time but not when it is imposed.

David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert who uses the Pyramid of Employee Engagement to help organizations and individuals achieve full engagement. He works from home.


  1. I agree; though I think that not enough research has been done in this specific topic to decide on the best option.

  2. I agree David. Having said that, the organizational context for Yahoo may require a re-focusing on their culture and their bet may be that bringing people back to the office will achieve that most efficiently. Once they have a strong core, they may then re-instate telecommunicating. Of course, the cost of that may be that some people leave the organization. It is a delicate balance between being able to connect with people and build a strong culture, and provide the freedom of telecommuting. Certainly not an easy one to maintain in such a large organization.

  3. Good point about more research. I think once you give people something and then you take it away you are in dangerous territory.

  4. Good points Jean-Francois and there are some who believe this is a way to downsize by having people leave because of it. I love the idea of face time and real time interaction but I am concerned about mandating this. Of course some organizations have people work at home not because of work/life balance and saving energy for the environment but simply because they save a few bucks. Yes, that culture will be interesting to see unfold and telling (not asking or inviting) people to “show up” will be an interesting contribution to the culture.

  5. I What is Yahoo’s position on why and why now they are doing this?

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