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Employee Engagement Friday Factoid: China Sitting at 6% Engagement (#24)


Just six percent of Chinese workers were engaged in their jobs in 2012. Gallup employee engagement poll


Chinese workers were slightly more likely to be engaged in their jobs in 2012 than they were in the past. But, at 6%, employee engagement in the country still lags behind the worldwide average. I find this number hard to believe. I would like to learn more about this by going to China and seeing what is contributing to such a low number of employees being engaged with their work. I welcome any comments from readers who have first hand experience with the workforce in China. Does this number seem correct to you?

David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert.



  1. hi – no this surprises me too. My exp is a very driven and action oriented culture at my previous company, quite refreshing too, from many others.

  2. Thanks for Comment Rod. I enjoyed looking at your 4H view of business.

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