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Employee Engagement in Reverse: 25 Ways Employees Disengage

Here is a playful list of 25 ways various employees disengage from their work:

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  1. Dentists feel they are going through the same old drill patient after patient
  2. Surgeons who can no longer cut it
  3. Truckers lose their drive
  4. Bankers continually losing interest
  5. Florists who fail to bloom
  6. Jewelers who lose their sparkle
  7. Firefights who are burnt out
  8. Pilots who just take off
  9. Teachers without any class
  10. Massage therapists who lose their touch
  11. Programmers who lose the code
  12. Carpenters who are board
  13. Plumbers who won’t take the plunge and feel drained everyday
  14. Deep sea divers who have become shallow
  15. Shoe sellers who have lost their sole and become heels
  16. Grocery produce workers who are past their best before date
  17. Cooks who can’t stand the heat
  18. Photographers who lose their focus
  19. Coaches who are all played out
  20. Butchers who are constantly beefing
  21. Hockey referees who no longer whistle while they work
  22. Lumberjacks who are stumped
  23. Judges who are benched
  24. Architects without any plans
  25. Detectives who are clueless

How does your profession disengage?

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  1. Thanks to everyone for the kudos on Facebook, Linked In, and Google+ for this post. It was fun to create.

  2. And how about adding “Trainers who can’t be trained”! Engaging as always David.

  3. A fine edition of trainers who can’t be trained.

  4. Brady Wilson says:

    What about the doctor who no longer keeps his hand on the pulse
    Or the con artist who only thinks about prose

    Sorry David – your list is matchless
    Thanks for the chuckles

  5. Thanks Brady.

  6. Nurses who have lost their “patience”.

  7. Julie:
    I love the comment/pun. Well done.

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