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Employee Engagement: You can Change Anything (The Book)

50 Free Copies of: Change Anything – The New Science of Personal Success

What? Change Anything is a new book from Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler. The book is dedicated to Albert Bandura and is based on the insights and principles of Albert Bandura and other social scientists. Change Anything offers a solid research-based plan for change moving from results to vital behaviors and leveraging the six sources of influence.

Why? The obvious question is why do we need a personal change book in employee engagement. There are a number of reasons. Employee engagement is our own responsibility and we can make personal changes to be engaged while recognizing there are a number of personal, social and structural motivational and ability factors that influence change. We are witnessing a resurgence of focus and work on engaged wellbeing and Change Anything offers terrific road maps to improve our wellbeing. If you are a leader or manager, other employees watch you very closely and when you model engagement that may speak as loudly as any words that you might use to communicate the need for more engagement.

How? You become the scientist and the subject on your personal change and the authors give you an array of  tools to apply to successfully improve such areas of our life as: career development, weight loss, building relationships, overcoming addictions, and creating financial fitness.

Now What? Read the book. Visit the website. And most importantly, engage in change.

Fantastic Opportunity this Week. In conjunction with the Employee Engagement Network we are giving away over 50 copies of Change Anything to members of the network. This is a very cool offer as these are unique advance copies of the book that you cannot buy in the store or online. To learn more visit the network by clicking here.

Remember: You don’t have to change everything, you can change anything, so go ahead and change something.

David Zinger in conjunction with Shared Visions facilitates all 3 courses for VitalSmarts: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations, and the Influencer. David’s focus is on applying these powerful concepts to employee engagement.


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