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Enlivening the 6000 Member Employee Engagement Network

Upgrades, Additions, and Juice as our Inaugural Knowledge Partner

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To visit or become a member of the free Employee Engagement Network, click here.

The Employee Engagement Network began on a cold February day in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada on January 26, 2008. I believed there was potential and value in coming together as a community of people interested in employee engagement. My goal was modest, I hoped to gather 20 to 30 people together on the topic to share ideas and offer support. Within four days we had 20 people and have continued to welcome about twenty new members every week. We now have over 6040 members.

Together we have created a plethora of resources:

  • 3800 blog posts
  • 540 videos
  • 600 forums
  • 7 e-Books
  • 4 50-word case studies
  • 40 Special Interest groups

Some members have offered extraordinary support over the 5 years. To name just a few: Peter Hart, Craig Althof, Bob Morris, Heather Lattuada, Doug Shaw, Scott Simmerman, and Lisa Sansom. As we proceed with enlivening the network we will be recognizing our members who have made excellent contributions to our growth and development. The overall design of the network has been improved by John Junson who has also contributed a fresh weekly cartoon for over 370 weeks!

What began as a hobby or small community has far surpassed the initial intention. I always wanted to keep this network free – with a focus on employee engagement for the benefit of all.  The challenges have been to monitor the network, welcome new members, launch improvements and new services, keep the network spam free, recognize and encourage participation, and broaden the profile of the network and doing this without any fee to the members. It has been a labor of love that has involved a personal investment of over $20,000 and 2000 hours.

It is time for the next stage of the network. We have the opportunity to broaden and build a socio-educational approach to engagement, to offer greater contributions to the workplace, and to be a strong community based leader of engagement. To have this occur I began last year to search out possible knowledge partners who would join with the network while also supporting the network with knowledge, resources, and financial assistance. I wanted organizations who are committed and passionate to improving employee engagement for all.

I am pleased to welcome Juice Inc. as the inaugural knowledge partner of the employee engagement network. Juice is a Canadian company centered in Guelph Ontario. They focus on engagement, conversation, and innovation. They train progressive business leaders to attract, retain and energize employees to create an environment where people and organizations flourish.

Here are the benefits to our members with the addition of knowledge partners:

  • Continuing network security and timely welcome of new members
  • Better organization and navigation of resources including dedicated lists of videos, forums, and blogs
  • A stronger educational orientation to engagement including targeted resources for mangers and leaders inside HR and on the line
  • Global and community sourced recognition of Exceptional Employee Engagement blogs, books, organizations, employees, and employers
  • Better recognition of our own members
  • Overall strengthen and enhance this network as the premier dedicated place  for employee engagement
  • More opportunity for input and contribution from employee engagement experts
  • Stronger linkages with other organizations focused on employee engagement
  • Additional resources to those both interested and those devoted to employee engagement
  • Leverage the new design of Ning 3.0, our community platform, for improvements in 2014

To visit or become a member of the free Employee Engagement Network, click here.

Engage along with me, the best is yet to be.

David Zinger  founded the Employee Engagement Network. He is an expert  global employee engagement speaker from Canada and a consultant who uses the pyramid of employee engagement to help leaders, managers, and organizations increase engagement.


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