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“Purrfect” Disengagement: $250,000 a Year Employee Surfs Cat Videos While Subcontracting His Job to China

Does not compute


Here is a true story of a creatively disengaged employee. He was a software developer who was earning $250,000 a year and producing great quality work. He was at his desk every day in front of his screen but rather than developing software he spent each day

checking sites such as Reddit, Ebay, Facebook and LinkedIn and watching cat videos. Then he would type an e-mail at the end of the day to update management about his “work” and left at 5 p.m.

The employee was paying a Chinese firm about $50,000 a year to do his work while he watched cat videos.

To read more details about the employee and his method check out this article in the Globe and Mail.

Here are 3 Purrfect questions about work:

  1. What do you think this means in regards to ROWE the Results Only Work Environment?
  2. What does it mean as we  increase to 1.3 billion mobile workers around the globe by 2015?
  3. Could the future of keeping people at work, even if they are not working, be in creating great cat videos?

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