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Regina Saskatchewan and Employee Engagement

Building a pyramid of employee engagement in Regina

It was such a pleasure to return to where I was born and lived for the first 12 years of my life to present to 2 groups at the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals.

I got to see a great Cirque du Soleil presentation on talent and excellence and also listen to a Saskatchewan Roughrider, Shomari Williams, playfully outline  his career path. If you are born in Saskatchewan you never stop being a Roughrider fan regardless of where you live.

I changed my presentation/facilitation on employee engagement. I used only two slides and kept the PowerPoint as the connection between myself and my participants and the participants with each other. I had children’s sized blocks made for the 10 blocks of the Pyramid of Engagement and enjoyed working through how the blocks stumble and how we can build strong engagement by following the practices of each block.

I was very pleased with the interaction and feedback and I look forward to making it even stronger in the future. Thanks to everyone from Saskatchewan for proving to me “that you can go home again.”

David Zinger has focused on employee engagement for the past 9 years and built a network of 5300 members around the globe focused on the topic. David’s creative and focused approach to achieving results while building relationships through employee engagement is based on his 10 block pyramid of employee engagement proving that engagement is never more than 10 blocks away.

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