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Employee Engagement Network Buzz – Our Eighth Anniversary Today!

What a buzz…

I started the Employee Engagement Network 8 years ago to gather 20 or 30 people to talk about employee engagement. We are now at 6941 members.

It was a very cold Saturday in Winnipeg, Canada and I did not want “to go outside and play!” It has been a joy, honor and pleasure to play with ideas and perspective on work, management, leadership and employee engagement with the network for the past 8 years.

I look forward to our next 8 years. Visit us now at:


15 Great Employee Engagement and Work Cartoons You Can Use

15 Work Cartoons to Make Your Day

EEN Junson Cartoon E-book

My friend and resident Employee Engagement Network cartoonist, John Junson has created an e-book with 15 free cartoons that you can use for work. Pass it along to a colleague. Use it in a presentation. Pin one cartoon to your wall or cubicle. Choose one a month and put it in your newsletter. Stress is a staff infection and humour is contagious so use the humor here to fight stress at work.

If you would like to download a PDF of this book click on the image above or, click here.

Here is a slide presentation of the cartoons for quick viewing:

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who appreciates the lighter side of work.

10 Second Employee Engagement Survey: Where Should We Focus Our Efforts in 2015?

Take 10 seconds or less to complete this one question survey. Thank you for your response.
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400 Cartoons on Employee Engagement

Cartoonist, digital designer, and friend, John Junson, has completed four hundred cartoons on employee engagement on the 6300 member Employee Engagement Network. He literally adds a huge burst of color to work and engagement. John just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for showing us the lighter side of work John!

Today At Work 400

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who founded and hosts the 6200 member Employee Engagement Network.

Enlivening the 6000 Member Employee Engagement Network

Upgrades, Additions, and Juice as our Inaugural Knowledge Partner

EEN EEN Knowledge Partner Badge EEN Juice Knowledge Partner Badge

To visit or become a member of the free Employee Engagement Network, click here.

The Employee Engagement Network began on a cold February day in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada on January 26, 2008. I believed there was potential and value in coming together as a community of people interested in employee engagement. My goal was modest, I hoped to gather 20 to 30 people together on the topic to share ideas and offer support. Within four days we had 20 people and have continued to welcome about twenty new members every week. We now have over 6040 members.

Together we have created a plethora of resources:

  • 3800 blog posts
  • 540 videos
  • 600 forums
  • 7 e-Books
  • 4 50-word case studies
  • 40 Special Interest groups

Some members have offered extraordinary support over the 5 years. To name just a few: Peter Hart, Craig Althof, Bob Morris, Heather Lattuada, Doug Shaw, Scott Simmerman, and Lisa Sansom. As we proceed with enlivening the network we will be recognizing our members who have made excellent contributions to our growth and development. The overall design of the network has been improved by John Junson who has also contributed a fresh weekly cartoon for over 370 weeks!

What began as a hobby or small community has far surpassed the initial intention. I always wanted to keep this network free – with a focus on employee engagement for the benefit of all.  The challenges have been to monitor the network, welcome new members, launch improvements and new services, keep the network spam free, recognize and encourage participation, and broaden the profile of the network and doing this without any fee to the members. It has been a labor of love that has involved a personal investment of over $20,000 and 2000 hours.

It is time for the next stage of the network. We have the opportunity to broaden and build a socio-educational approach to engagement, to offer greater contributions to the workplace, and to be a strong community based leader of engagement. To have this occur I began last year to search out possible knowledge partners who would join with the network while also supporting the network with knowledge, resources, and financial assistance. I wanted organizations who are committed and passionate to improving employee engagement for all.

I am pleased to welcome Juice Inc. as the inaugural knowledge partner of the employee engagement network. Juice is a Canadian company centered in Guelph Ontario. They focus on engagement, conversation, and innovation. They train progressive business leaders to attract, retain and energize employees to create an environment where people and organizations flourish.

Here are the benefits to our members with the addition of knowledge partners:

  • Continuing network security and timely welcome of new members
  • Better organization and navigation of resources including dedicated lists of videos, forums, and blogs
  • A stronger educational orientation to engagement including targeted resources for mangers and leaders inside HR and on the line
  • Global and community sourced recognition of Exceptional Employee Engagement blogs, books, organizations, employees, and employers
  • Better recognition of our own members
  • Overall strengthen and enhance this network as the premier dedicated place  for employee engagement
  • More opportunity for input and contribution from employee engagement experts
  • Stronger linkages with other organizations focused on employee engagement
  • Additional resources to those both interested and those devoted to employee engagement
  • Leverage the new design of Ning 3.0, our community platform, for improvements in 2014

To visit or become a member of the free Employee Engagement Network, click here.

Engage along with me, the best is yet to be.

David Zinger  founded the Employee Engagement Network. He is an expert  global employee engagement speaker from Canada and a consultant who uses the pyramid of employee engagement to help leaders, managers, and organizations increase engagement.


Employee Engagement: My 3 Word Theme – Spark Grow Write

Three Word Theme for 2013/2014: Spark, Grow, Write


History of the 3-word theme. I first heard of the 3 word theme from Chris Brogan. I have been using a 3-word theme for my work for five  years and will be entering year six this month.  Previous themes were:

  1. In 2009 my theme was: authentic, connect, engage
  2. In 2010 my theme was: engage, mobilize, produce.
  3. In 2011 my theme was: engage, educate, enliven.
  4. In 2012 my theme was: stop, focus, and finish.
  5. In 2012/2013 my theme was: discern, invite, engage

Benefits of a 3 word themeA three word theme is succinct and easy to remember and leverage as a tool for work. It offers a quick guide and evaluation for work completed. It is a nice reflection tool for work and progress. It is also a great planning tool to get a tighter focus on the year ahead while offering flexibility in how those 3 themes are actualized.

3-Word Theme for 2013/2014. My new 3-word working theme is: spark, grow, write. These 3 words will govern my work from September 1, 2013  to August 31, 2014.

Spark. I like the the compact and cogent image of a spark. I love what we can do in moments to spark ourselves and others at work. A spark, to me, can range from a word of encouragement or a few moments of conversation to a short e-book or one hour keynote. I will focus very strongly on creating many sparks over this year.

Grow. I want to grow both myself and others. One change in my career this year is to grow others through individual coaching. My growth theme is moving in two directions at once: singularity and community. I will grow others through individual coaching and development and I have committed a strong focus to grow the global work on employee engagement and to grow the 6000 member Employee Engagement Network.

Write. Writing has been both growing and sparking me. I have spent well over 10,000 hours writing and it is getting a little easier. I enjoy the medium. I enjoy the impact it can have on others. I believe writing is one of my gifts to my employee engagement community. Look for multiple publications coming from me this year and most of them will be small e-books intended to grow and spark others (always nice to braid the three themes into the various ways I work).

Write Your Own Three Word Theme. I encourage you to compose and act on your own 3-word theme for work. Here are 9 steps to create and apply your own unique 3 word theme.

  1. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. Take time to mull over 3 words that are personally meaningful.
  2. The process of doing this may be of equal value to the outcome.
  3. View a number of other people’s 3-word themes by clicking here.
  4. Voice your intended 3-word theme to other people to get their impressions and input.
  5. Once you find the 3-words that fit for you for the year ahead declare them to both other people and yourself.
  6. Create an image for your theme to keep it in focus for the year ahead.
  7. Leverage the 3-words to contemplate more focused and productive work.
  8. Apply the 3-word theme as your internal work GPS.
  9. Use the 3-words to evaluate your work.
David Zinger from Canada is an employee engagement speaker and expert. To access his services and workshops email him at

6000 Members now Belong to the Employee Engagement Network

Employee Engagement Network 6000

I am celebrating the 6000th member joining the Employee Engagement Network. The 6000th member is Joe Rafter from Larkspur California. He has some great blog posts on business transformation at his site. It has been enthralling to see the very specific employee engagement network reach so many people in 5 and 1/2 years. I have lots of new plans for September and look forward to a stronger and rejuvenated network in 2013.

speaking of experts2

David Zinger is an expert  global employee engagement speaker and consultant who uses the pyramid of employee engagement to help leaders, managers, and organizations increase engagement.


8 Developments That Stood Out in Employee Engagement in 2012

What stood out for you in Employee Engagement last year?

Recognition BW2

 Here is what stood out for me last year in employee engagement:

The UK Engage for Success Movement. It was incredible to see the UK rally behind employee engagement with the Engage for Success Movement. This ranged from more work on the business case for engagement and a resource rich website to hundreds of events and actions around the UK.  I encourage you to visit the Engage for Success website to learn what they did in 2012 and where they are going in 2013.

Social Media Growth in Employee Engagement. Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook have been buzzing with talk about employee engagement in 2012. I remember five years ago on Twitter when there might be one post on employee engagement every 5 hours and now it can be one every minute.

Employee Engagement Pairings. Many of the large consultancies have been pairing employee engagement with another key variable. For example:

  • Gallup = Employee Engagement + Wellbeing
  • Hay Group = Employee Engagement + Enablement
  • BlessingWhite = Employee Engagement + Energy

Growth the of Employee Engagement Network. The Employee Engagement Network continues to grow at about 20 to 30 members a week and has reached over 5500 members in just under 5 years.

More Books. There have been a lot of books written on employee engagement in 2012 and many books on leadership and management ensure they address employee engagement in their contents. Just a few of the recent books that have landed on my desk in 2012 were:

  • Susan Walker, Employee Engagement and Communication Research
  • David Bowles and Cary Cooper, The High Engagement Work Culture
  • Christopher Rice, Fraser Marlow and Mary Ann Masarech, The Engagement Equation
  • Timothy Clark, The Employee Engagement Mindset

Postgraduate Certificate in Employee Engagement. Katie Truss from the University of Kent has lead the way in creating a university certificate in employee engagement.

Searching for Employee Engagement becomes a hit. About eight years ago there were about 200,000 results found when searching “employee engagement” in Google. At the end of 2012 there were:  8, 380,000.

Employee Engagement Humor. John Junson offers a weekly cartoon on employee engagement on the Employee Engagement Network and Dilbert made fun of engagement at least three times last year. We are growing in the ability to take our topic seriously and to take ourselves lightly.

This was a top of mind  list of a few items that stood out for me about employee engagement. What stood out for you in employee engagement in 2012?

ZingerNEWLogo_Apr.5.2012 (1)

David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert already scheduled to work in New York, Mumbai, Delhi, Berlin, and Chicago in early 2013. Contact him today to offer education, speaking or consulting services to increase employee engagement where you work.

Join the Employee Engagement Network Before July 21!

The Employee Engagement Network needs 35 more members to reach 5000 members

We offer over 9000 free resources for you on employee engagement:

  • Reach out to over 4960 members.
  • Watch 384 videos.
  • Download 8 free e-books.
  • Engage with 4 50-word case studies
  • Participate in 713 forums.
  • Read 2955 blog posts.
  • Join 38 special interest groups
  • Participate in 95 events
  • Laugh at the new weekly employee engagement cartoon!

John Junson is the network cartoonist and designer. He created the design and colors for the network. He created our unique symbol/brand. He designed all the free e-books. He has been involved in this work before it went online over four years ago. His birthday is July 21 and I want to see if we can have the community at 5000 members for his birthday. Engage along with me to give John 5000 “gifts” for his birthday.

Please help. If you have not joined, join today. If you are a member and appreciate the resources and people encourage someone else to join. Membership is both free and freeing.

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