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Employee Engagement and Well Being: Work Life Infusion

Let’s reverse the order and topple the precarious work/life balance with life work infusion.

Life Work Infusion

Work/Life balance has toppled. We failed by putting work first in the equation. Mobile technology has infiltrated home and family time. Balance seemed like an ideal state to achieve yet the blance we sought was never static and often quite precarious.

I am now focusing my efforts on life work infusion. I believe work can make use well. I know that life can infuse energy, meaning, and perspective into work while work can infuse connection, contribution, and results into life. This is just the tip of the life and work infusion iceberg. I am very interested in your infusions:

What does life outside of your work infuse into your work?

What does work infuse into your life outside of work?

David Zinger is a global employee engagement speaker and expert who believes work can make us well.


Employee Engagement: 10 Personal Work and Wellbeing Prescriptions for 2013

10 Engagement Prescriptions for 2013


Here are David Zinger’s 10 personal prescriptions for work and wellbeing engagement in 2013

  1. 20 seconds to results. Begin each major activity with a 20 second pause to determine the result I am trying to achieve from that activity.
  2. Relationship turbocharging. Turbocharge relationships by reaching out to others for connection, assistance, input, contribution, insight, and collaboration.
  3. Just 24 minutes. Perform the bulk of my work in tightly focused 24 minute time blocks.
  4. 24 hours a month. Use sixty 24-minute periods each month to create a completed special project (ie. e-book).
  5. Wellbeing is a daily exercise. Enliven myself with daily wellbeing experiences from exercise and reading to healthy nutrition or afternoon naps.
  6. 3 word GPS. Engage daily with my 2013 three word theme of: discern, invite, engage.
  7. Give. Give more than I think I have and use the energy gain of work to surpass the energy drain of work.
  8. Be mindful of the 3 R’s. Practice mindful rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  9. Shrink the world. Make the world smaller through travel and global connections.
  10. Bounce. Smile, laugh, and have a ball.

Prescription: Engage daily for 2013.

David Zinger is looking forward to a great 2013 based on robust and authentic work and wellbeing.