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Wednesday@Work Poems…The Re-Org

The Re-Org

They moved us


we were not moved.

They changed us


we remained the same.

Boxes on pyramidal charts

yanked off the shelf

like Cheerios from a grocery store.

They morphed us

Into a matrix

Duties reassigned

As we searched…

Looking for our coffee mug that failed to move with us

Tattooed with a fading picture

Of our daughter jumping on a trampoline.

They pushed

We stiffened

Memos menaced as washroom whispers hissed.

Bounce back

Start over

Invite us

Ask us

Involve us

Trust us.

We move together

Not chess pieces at war checking each other into corners

We play on the same board, mate.

~ by David Zinger

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  1. Kate Jones says:

    That’s a fantastic poem David. I shall be sharing it with all my colleagues on my CIPD Diploma course.


  2. Thanks Kate:
    All the best with the CIPD diploma course.

  3. Right on the mark! I’ll be sharing this with all my colleagues as we are in the midst of a gigantic Re-Org and this poem spells out exactly what we’re going through – spot on!


  4. Shereen:

    Thanks for the feedback. The poem was helpful for me and I am glad it was helpful to you.


  5. Glad you submitted this to the leadership carnival. I loved it. I will definitely be visiting your blog again.

  6. Thanks Becky. I am glad you are coming back for more.


  7. Donn Breshears says:

    This is wonderful! In the last three years the company I work for has changed twice without changing my boss, my customer, or the building I work in, so this hits home. I also just finished my Masters in OD an plan to share this with some of my profs and classmates!

  8. Donn,

    I am glad you found this to be wonderful and I am enjoying writing a weekly workplace poem.


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