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What do you think is next for employee engagement?

The Business Reporter, part of the Sunday Telegraph in the UK, asked 7 experts what is next for employee engagement?

Here is my abbreviated interpretation, using mostly their words, of what they believe:

Tony Thomson: A move to management by mutual consent

Frazer Rendell: Employees as players not pawns

Mark Quirk: Engagement at the center and real time measures

Claire Sporton: Amplify the voice of employees

Mark Allison: Engagement as a DNA type driver of the organization

Gary Cattermole: Stop using the buzzword and make engagement  inherent in what organizations do

Richard Lock: Get simple and move to engagement from people to engagement with people

I would agree with most of what was said. What do you think is next in the world of work for employee engagement?

I believe the future of engagement will be small, simple, significant, and sustainable as we engage every day with tactical and practical actions for the benefit of all: employees, organizations, customers, and other key stakeholders.

To read the full Business Reporter article, click here.

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David Zinger is an employee engagement expert and speaker concentrating on small as the new significant in employee engagement.



  1. And I also read a piece over the weekend that said forget about engagement. Passion is now more important than engagement. I had to laugh. Give it time and there will be an article that says Blankety Blank is more important than passion. How long will organizations continue to chase their own tail instead of really looking at the message about engagement?

  2. Terrence: I am going back to basics. Thanks for the comment. David

  3. Well I think it’s quite obvious. After engagement comes marriage!

  4. Touché Jeff

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