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Who said employee engagement and recognition are garbage?

Employee Engagement and Recognition as Trash Talk

Reese's Pieces CIMG5877

A Year of Recognition. I am engaged in a project called a year of recognition to recognize and appreciate others for who they are or what they do. The normal automated garbage pick up in Winnipeg is being done manually right now. The workers are dumping the heavy bins in an old fashioned garbage truck on a day of -33 Celsius. I was going out to thank them when my son Luke said I should give them something. He raced up to his room and got a large Reese’s bar that I took out to them. I hope they were warmed ever so slightly by the thank you and the chocolate bar.

Addendum to this post, here is a message my son sent out after he left the house to go to work, nice to see a young man recognize the importance of recognition. He also snapped a picture as I was out thanking these gentleman for their fine work. Here is the picture and his note:

David Zinger Recognizing the Garbage Men On a Cold January Day

Luke Garbage Reese's Comment

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and co-author of People Artistry at Work: The Ennoblement Imperative.


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