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ZENgagement: The Holographic Organization

Chris Bailey has written an excellent post contrasting a monolithic versus holographic image for organizations.


Rather than viewing an organization as a bland, uniform, static structure, consider the organization as a hologram. Within a holographic image, each section contains a complete image of the original object. So the real beauty of the holographic perspective is acknowledging that the organization is a vibrant collection of all the individuals within it. It recognizes that each individual is fully reflected in the whole. The organization is the individual and the individual is the organization. The interests of each individual and the organization are interconnected and interdependent.This approach offers a more human organization. ~ Chris Bailey

Do you have an expansive enough view to see, “the organization is the individual and the individual is the organization”? I believe this view can move employee engagement as a “get” strategy >>> trying to get employees engaged to a “let” strategy >>> letting employees become fully engaged in the connected organization.

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