Employee Engagement: About Face

It is time we do an “about face” in employee engagement.

About face is a military command to turn clockwise 180 degrees. It is also defined as a total change of attitude or viewpoint.

I think leaders need to do an about face in how they look at the organization.

First, they need to turn employee engagement around 180 degrees to realized they are part of the employees they are talking about. It is not about “those people”…we are all those people.

Before we ever become concerned about “getting” employees more engagement we must look at our own engagement.

Let’s make a “You-Turn” away from getting others engaged to letting ourselves become fully engaged in our work.  One good leader modelling full and authentic engagement may be worth a million motivational slogans.

Are you ready to engage?


4 thoughts on “Employee Engagement: About Face”

  1. Great point, David. Whether it’s engagement or anything else, if you’re the boss, your example matters. That may not be fair or easy, but it is the way human beings are wired.

  2. Wally,

    I so often see the eyes looking external and not enough authentic I-engagement. Leaders do play such a pivotal role even when they think they don’t.


  3. Great point! When our leaders are disengaged, how are they supposed to model and make a real impact on everyone they’re leading? I want to work harder for a leader that is exceptionally and authentically engaged – makes me want to pull out some of my own discretionary effort.

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