Employee Engagement Cartoonist John Junson is One in a Million

David Zinger, Employee Engagement Speaker, on Cartoonist & Designer John Junson

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This is cheating but I feel so right in doing it that I will go ahead and cheat.

John Junson, the Employee Engagement Network weekly resident cartoonist, has just published cartoon number 360 on the network. He has completed a full circle of 360 cartoons.  His work is exceptional and he now performs cartooning and design work for many other members of the network.  I encourage you to contact him to create some great cartoons or design images for you with the same quality I have admired and appreciated for many years.

Yes, John created the logo above about five years ago for another project we worked on but most of his design and cartoon work is timeless. He also created some wonderful images for my new eBook, Waggle, including the great image of one bee in the picture below.

One Bee Lives Image

John is one in a million. Here is the cheating part, I am using his latest cartoon to recognize him, without the humor, as he truly is one in a million for customized cartooning and design.

Today At Work 360

John was my neighbor almost forty-five years ago when I moved to Winnipeg to complete grade nine! His mom made him take me to Bruce Junior High and even today he is schooling me on humor, cartooning, photography, and design. Thank you John. I know my work would not be what it is without your work.

By the way, if you want to contact John Junson for design or cartooning, email me: david@davidzinger.com and I will connect you to him.

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