Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #26: Eight Elements for Change Work

8 is Enough for Change

Eight aspects comprise our world at work and, therefore, patterns of behavior at work:

  1. organization (organizational chart),
  2. workplace (its physical or virtual configuration),
  3. task (work flow or processes),
  4.  people (specifically the skills and orientation),
  5. rewards (and punishments),
  6. measurement (the metrics employed),
  7. information distribution (who gets to know what when), and
  8. decision allocation (who is involved in what way in which decisions).

A skilled change leader can convert these eight aspects into eight levers for change.  Change Management Is Bigger Than Leadership


Gregory Shea and Cassie Solomon writing in the Harvard Business Review blog suggest change management is bigger than leadership. They stated there are 8 aspects that comprise our world at work. If you want to ensure a successful change in employee engagement within your organization make sure you respond to all eight.

David Zinger is a global employee engagement expert who in 2013 has already done engagement work in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Berlin, Prague and New York. Contact him today for education, speeches, consulting or coaching on engagement.

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