Employee Engagement is Connection

Michael Stallard Connects

It was a pleasure to facilitate a webinar with Michael Stallard on connection yesterday through the Employee Engagement Network. He was a pleasure to work with and willing to think outside the slide. Speaking of slides, below are the slides for the webinar. Slide 20 includes a link to get a free copy of Michael’s book, Fired Up or Burned Out. If you would like to see a recording of the webinar click here (we did have some sound challenges so you will need to continually adjust your volume.

Click here if the slide presentation does not open in this window.

Carry on being connected.

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David Zinger is an introvert who stay connected to remain fully engaged. David  works with organizations and individuals to improve employee engagement.  His speaking, writing, coaching, and consulting focus on helping organizations and individuals increase employee engagement by 20%. David founded the 3550 member Employee Engagement Network. The network  is striving to increase employee engagement 20% by 2020.

Contact David today to increase engagement where you work. (Email: dzinger@shaw.ca  / Phone 204 254 2130  / Website: www.davidzinger.com)

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