Employee Engagement: Leap Into People Artistry

Are you ready to Leap Into People Artistry?

People Artists Cover

From Ground Hog Day on February 2nd (Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow – hopefully an early spring) until leap year day February 29 I am focusing 4 weeks on People Artistry.  I encourage you to get involved in drawing out the best in others at work and home.

Today I encourage you to stop seeing shadows at work and look closely and carefully at who you work with. Go out of your way to draw out the best from 3 people today. As you make their day you will find that you are also making yours.

Great offer: During the LEAP into People Artistry Campaign we will be selling 10 or more copies of People Artists: Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work for just $14.95 a copy plus shipping. This is a phenomenal value for this beautiful hardcover book full of images and insights to bring the people you work with fully to life! People Artists makes a great gift or recognition tool to give to all your supervisors, managers, and leaders. Unleash art from gallery walls and infuse people artistry into your workplace to make work better for all.

To preview the book sample, click here.

To order 10 or more copies of the book contact me directly and I will set this up for you: david@davidzinger.com

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