Engage 5 with Gurprriet Siingh

Engage 5 is a weekly feature of Employee Engagement Zingers. Engage-5 asks leading thinkers, writers, consultants, practitioners, and others involved in employee engagement to complete 5 sentences.

Read Gurprriet Siingh’s 5 sentences on engagement:

  1. I define employee engagement as a a leadership and organizational value/principle which is driven by a desire to create a workplace that is respectful of the unique desires of each individual employee, balanced with the ability to channelize this uniqueness into a collective whole.
  2. Our biggest challenge in employee engagement is authenticity – working on employee engagement because we care about the employees. Any business impact is an outcome of engaged employees.
  3. A powerful way to create greater employee engagement is to ensure high levels of empowerment and create meaningful roles.
  4. I am personally most engaged at work when I am am challenged, and given a chance to shape my role.
  5. To learn more about employee engagement I encourage people to be aware of their own aspirations and desires, and then realize that their employees feel the same.

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