Engage 5 with Judy Nelson

Engage 5 is a weekly feature of Employee Engagement Zingers. Engage-5 asks leading thinkers, writers, consultants, and others involved in employee engagement to complete 5 sentences.

Read Judy Nelson’s 5 sentences on engagement:

  1. I define employee engagement as the situation when the CEO, the HR director and the vast majority of the employees can’t wait to get to work Monday morning—and not because they want to get away from home!
  2. Our biggest challenge in employee engagement is hiring the right people, training them well and creating a culture that insists on human dignity and engagement
  3. A powerful way to create greater employee engagement is to demonstrate to employees the power in strategic vulnerability: i.e., the CEO is able to say “I don’t know” and “I need your help.”
  4. I am personally most engaged at work when I know what my role is, feel well-trained and supported to do my job and have the freedom to make decisions and grow professionally.
  5. To learn more about employee engagement, I encourage people to join the Employee Engagement Network and participate by asking questions and considering new ways of looking at old challenges.

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