Engage-5 with Phil Gerbyshak

Engage 5 is a weekly feature of Employee Engagement Zingers. Engage-5 asks leading thinkers, writers, consultants, and others involved in employee engagement to complete 5 sentences.

Read Phil Gerbyshak’s 5 sentences on engagement:

  1. I define employee engagement as employees doing what they need to do and more without being asked, often in the best interests of the team and the company.
  2. Our biggest challenge in employee engagement is it’s different for everyone, and thus it takes time to understand what it means to each associate.
  3. A powerful way to create greater employee engagement is to treat each employee as the unique person they are and reward and recognize them how THEY want to be rewarded and recognized.
  4. I am personally most engaged at work when I work in my strengths zone of presentations, coaching, and helping each person be their absolute best.
  5. To learn more about employee engagement, I encourage people to get to know each person on their team as much as they can (and to ask each associate what engages THEM).

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