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What Others are Saying about David

Feedback and comments on David Zinger’s Expertise and Services

“David has been wonderful to get to know as he is always quick to connect with people because of his welcoming and engaging attitude of meaningful close interaction. He has impressed me with his ability to assess and provoke an individual to draw on their personal talents to be their best. David has done this with me personally and through his work and writing with his blog and the employee engagement network.”

— Mike King, Product Development Manager, Advanced Measurements Inc.,

“I have a great deal of respect and admiration for David as a true thought leader within the strengths movement, and he has emerged as a coaching leader with employee engagement, something I believe to be of critical importance in the success of every business enterprise regardless of industry or discipline. David’s is the voice of positive possibility, and he has an instinctive, innate talent for community building, with the very unique tolerance required in working with multiple ego-centric professionals, bringing out the very best of them. David leads our efforts with employee engagement by magnificent example, and I feel blessed that have learned so much from him.”


— Rosa Say, Founder and Owner, Say Leadership Coaching,

“David is quite an authority on employee engagement. Not only does he write brilliant content at his own website, in 2008 he single handedly created the Employee Engagement Network which has grown into THE spot to learn, converse, network, connect and “engage” with people at all levels and backgrounds on all things employee engagement related. I have learned so much from David these past few years, have met many wonderful folks and found countless resources through him – I consider David to be an Employee Engagement Guru!”


— Raven Young, New Media Council Member, Project Management Institute,

“David is the founder and host of the best employee engagement network I know of The Employee Engagement Network – The size of this network – more than 700 members – and the number of forums and contributors says much more than I can about the successful deployment of this great social media networking site. David is passionate about engagement and has found a way to fan the flames of engagement in others. If you have an interest in employee engagement, then visit David’s site. He welcomes new ideas, listens extremely well and offers sage advice.”


— Jean Douglas, MA, CHRP, CMC, President and Senior Consultant, Douglas Communications

“When I think of employee engagement, I think of David Zinger. David is an innovator thinker and writer. His unique look at management, leadership and employee engagement complimented my in the trenches look at management very well. In the 18 months I worked with David at b5 media were outstanding! His insights engaged our readers and continued the conversation. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with David, and highly recommend anyone looking to increase employee engagement work with him.”

— Phil Gerbyshak, Writer,, B5Media,

“I have worked with David for over 2 years. David is a stellar facilitator that is able to bring content to life through his dynamic style and engaging stories. His passion for the topic of employeeengagement shows through in his actions and his focus on client-centerd facilitation.”


— Jean-Francois Hivon, Partner, Business Development, Shared Visions Inc.,

“David brings two important qualities to clients: 1. A deep understanding of what makes engagement tick 2. A practical understanding of the pros and cons of implementation His ability to speak and bring about change at all levels brings genuine added value to client groups in any organizational setting.”


— Steve Roesler, CEO/Trusted Advisor, Roesler Consulting Group/Steve Roesler Learning,

“David worked with me as a guest speaker during a two day conference on the topic of how to develop great managers. David was well prepared and the group found him to be interesting, engaging, and helpful. When is comes to employee engagement, he really knows his stuff. I would not hesitate to ask David to work with me again on future events.”


— Lisa Haneberg,

“He’s passionate about engagement and walks the talk. David is a rare beacon of wisdom in these turbulent times and I highly recommend connecting with him through his avant-garde international Employee Engagement Network.”


— Ian Buckingham, Brand and Employee Engagement Lead, Founder and Owner, bring yourself 2 work,

“I met David Zinger through the Employee Engagement Network, a social networking site that David founded, hosts, and moderates. He is passionate about all facets of employee engagement, including strengths-based leadership, performance engagement, and project engagement. He understands that the power of relationships is the path to results. As virtual moderator and host, his caring and warmth comes across. An excellent writer who blogs prolifically, David is a special person indeed!”


— Terrence Seamon, Management Development – Portfolio Manager, American Management Association,

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to see David’s work on Employee Engagement as a member of his Employee Engagement Network. His insights and his passion for the topic have impressed me and given me much to think about when I deal with the topic. In fact, when my group was planning a conference on the topic, I went to David in order to get his perspective on what issues we should be addressing. He is a trusted source and one I can wholeheartedly recommend.”


— Rick Sauter, Vice President, Community Building and Strategic Partnerships, Communitelligence,


Feedback from Clients Using David’s Speaking Services

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba

David Zinger was the speaker for our 2008 Business Management Seminar on ‘Beyond Just Do It” focused on how to achieve results through relationships by effective and efficient engagement in coaching, mentoring, and conversations. David was very easy to work with before and during the conference as we adapted the information to fit our schedule and requirements. We have had many seminars, and felt David met our expectations and needs in subject content and presentation-we were most impressed. David Zinger is knowledgeable in interacting with people and relations, and in today’s business, and he is an excellent educator. David Zinger was the speaker for our 2008 Business Management Seminar on ‘Beyond Just Do It” focused on how to achieve results through relationships by effective and efficient engagement in coaching, mentoring, and crucial conversations. David was very easy to work with before and during the conference as we adapted the information to fit our schedule and requirements. We have had many seminars, and felt David met our expectations and needs in subject content and presentation-we were most impressed. David Zinger is knowledgeable in interacting with people and relations in today’s business, and he is an excellent educator.

Angela Moore
Events & Communications Coordinator

Employee Engagement and Energy Management

University of Manitoba – Occupational Health and Safety (Spring 2008)

We all enjoyed your presentation on engagement with work. One month later, we are still talking about it. You have a wonderful style – so upbeat, yet thoughtful. I particularly enjoyed the bits about personal energy – how to use it, how to conserve it, for when you truly need it. We’d love to have you back to speak to us again.

Judy Shields
Occupational Health Coordinator, U of M

Strength-Based Leadership (Client comments)

Canadian Physiotherapy Association

We would like to thank David once again for a really wonderful day. Overall the workshop on Strength Based Leadership exceeded expectations. Enrollment was higher than anticipated and the topic drew a wide variety of health care disciplines. Participants described the day as “excellent”, “inspirational”, and a “an excellent approach to learning”.  The workshop facilitated self-examination, reflection and active participation. David’s use of stories, humour, and positive energy kept the participants engaged throughout the day. We would definitely recommend David to others.

National Leadership Executive

Canadian Physiotherapy Association



I just wanted to thank you for being part of our planning session last Friday but most importantly for bringing your energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and insight to us. I found your stories very uplifting and wish we had more time to spend with you. By the way, Peter Drucker has been someone I have listened to and admired for years. I discovered his work through a workshop with Tom Peters. Very Inspiring!…. THANK YOU!

I found David to be VERY inspirational and energetic. I wish we could have spent more time with him as I found this workshop to be very informational but most importantly uplifting. Thank you so much to David.

I would like to thank David for his time. I think he opened our eyes up to looking at our organization in a different way, seeing people complaining is better than having a passive employee base who can’t be bothered. In addition another big take-away i got was in regards to HQI’s, and David really got me thinking about working on ensuring I create more HQI opportunity’s with my team, my peers and our employees. Lastly David got me thinking about engagement in terms of an invitation not an imposition and I think that was a very valuable tool for all of us to apply with our teams.

I would like to thank David for his insightful and inspiring interaction with us. Who knew you could pack that much quality time into a two hour period. I’ve come away with an even greater appreciation for Employee Engagement and feel I have the tools to better engage my team and staff throughout the site.

I would like to thank David for his energy and enthusiasm. His emphasis on relating to the individual through methods such as using anecdotes when coaching are certainly the type of thing that build relationships and deliver high quality interactions.

My top 5 take-away’s from David’s presentation were:

  • Constructive use of narrative. Using meaningful stories to demonstrate why our work really matters.
  • The observation that shift-work impacts engagement. This is particularly relevant and presents challenges to a 24/7 operation like ours.
  • Identifying key players – tipping points – in the organization. Who we need to get your message across to – to engage the whole team.
  • The observation that negative energy is better than a “passive mass”. Negative energy provides an opportunity for transformation.
  • Creating awareness of how distractions like e-mail, PDA’s, phone calls, etc., can diminish face to face engagement.

Claims Association of Manitoba (Participant comments)

Staking a Claim: Strength, Energy & Engagement

  • Positive engagement is a must
  • Awesome presentation, very well done, got the point across with humor
  • In our business without engagement we have nothing
  • Fabulous presenter, extremely interesting topic
  • Great presentation
  • Great speaker
  • Presentation put a new twist on things and made me think
  • East to listen to
  • Refreshing, engaging
  • Fantastic delivery of presentation
  • Very good! Great stories.
  • Very interesting – related to work & life out of work.

Red River College (Participant Comments)The WE Factor: Leading with Wellness & Engagement

  • David was very knowledgeable, a good story-teller, he kept my attention all day.
  • I learned how important authentic engagement is for personal energy at work.
  • I learned the distinction between connection and contact.
  • I learned to focus on what is important to me versus where I am spending my energy.

Pine Creek School Division Inservice (Client Comments)

  • David Zinger’s presentation, while brimming with energy, enthusiasm and humour, brought home a very important message: Each of us is individually responsible for monitoring and managing our own energy. The themes of the day powerfully reinforced the importance of this basic fact, and the significance of this self-monitoring and managment toward personal well-being and the well-being of the organization.

Mr Clint Cannon

Assistant Superintendent/Student Services Coordinator

Pine Creek School Division


  • David Zinger was an outstanding speaker at our 9th annual conference with burn survivors, their families, burn unit staff and fire fighters in attendance. He was entertaining and enlightening as to how to incorporate humor into the process of healing. The following comments came from some of the participants: David was an inspiring reminder of the healing power of laughter. Excellent speaker with good ideas and practical skills to try. Impressively funny!Good sense of humor. An uplift to an emotional afternoon.What a great motivator! We need more humor in our lives! A funny man with the right message!

Linda Bailes

Occupational Therapist Burn Unit Health Sciences Centre

NORMAN Regional Health Authority

David Zinger was our keynote speaker at NRHA Quality Day September 2006. His lively and engaging personality invigorated the participants and kept them in wrapped attention the whole day. Not only was David an engaging and entertaining personality but his thought provoking message of Strength based performance encouraged us to recognize our own strengths as well as those of others.I found David a joy to work with. His flexibility during the planning of this event and creative suggestions were greatly appreciated. His upbeat personality made him a joy to work with! Participants comments: “Zinger was a Zinger,” “Inspirational, “Energizing,” “Positive & Funny,” “Fantastic…good use of humour,”

Brad McDougall B. Sc., M. Sc.
Director of Risk and Quality Management
NORMAN Regional Health Authority

Leadership Session – Government of Manitoba Oct 2006 Participant comments:

  • This has been the best workshop I have ever taken.
  • David, by far the best instructor.
  • David was informative, enthusiastic and very engaging
  • The session far exceeded my expectations.Excellent variety of learning methods and tools.
  • Excellent presenter – very dynamic and knowledgeable

MTS Customer Care Change Management

David Zinger was our presenter/facilitator on moving (changing our location) and changes for our 70-member leadership group at MTS Customer Care.David worked hard to add value to our day and coming changes. David was responsive to our needs and unique concerns. He met with us to discuss the event, designed a unique workshop that met our needs,customized his presentation with specific pictures of our company, and customized his handout material for our needs.David’s style was entertaining and informative – he mixes humorous stories with practical approaches and suggestions. He encouraged us to work together, supported us in our changes, and challenged us to take action to help us manage the coming changes.David was focused on adding value. Although this was not part of the contract, David provided us with a 40-page leadership booklet that we put on the memory sticks we gave each participant, and he customized a follow up handout to extend the learning and action from the workshop.

Mr. Jack Riediger
Director Business Sales & Service
MTS Customer Care

Brandon Regional Health Centre – Wellness Conference

  • It was a very enjoyable and informative day.
  • Awesome day!
  • David Zinger – loved your stories!
  • It was a wonderful conference and has provided me with some great wellness strategies that will help in both my personal life as well as my professional life.
  • David Zinger provided the opening and closing keynote for about 100 participants at the Brandon Regional Health Authority Excellence / Wellness Conference in May of 2006. David helped us plan both the content and the theme for the conference. He skillfully tied his presentation into our culture and the other presentations. He provided ideas we could use in an engaging, humorous, and sincere manner.We would highly recommend David’s speaking services. He was extremely easy to work with, very helpful, and responsive to our numerous inquiries. This is the second time we have invited David back to our conference as he does such an exceptional job. Here are a few comments from participants:

Ms. Cindy Buizer
Coordinator Staff Education
Brandon Regional Health Centre

Personal Energy Management – MAPAN Attended by 98 nurses from Winnipeg, Brandon, Morden, Winkler, Selkirk and Saskatoon

  • Thought-provoking, stimulating
  • Very empowering”“Fabulous
  • The information from David Zinger was very interesting and thought-provoking.
  • The Personal Energy address was much needed to take back to my workplace
  • David Zinger, the keynote speaker offers great information and tips, both for nursing and for life.

Office Professionals Symposium – 130 participantsFeedback on David’s opening keynote presentation:

  • Great speaker/motivator! And his own experience of an “adventurous”
  • lifestyle was greatly appreciated; he was the best.
  • Very energetic & fast moving.
  • Excellent start to the day!! Great wake-up!
  • Excellent, engaging and probably the best part of the day
  • Very good, informative and humorous.
  • Great listening to him; very positive.
  • Excellent; AWESOME; Very uplifting; great way to start the symposium.
  • David has a great sense of humor and wonderful life experience which made me reflect on my life experiences.
  • Amazing – high energy – great words of wisdom! Could listen to him all day.
  • Very funny, especially when he described being pushed out of the airplane.
  • He was enthusiastic, “entertaining”, and he gave me some positive things to think about.
  • David is a very passionate speaker; I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation; love the personal stories

Feedback for David Zinger’s closing plenary presentation:

  • A real entertainer, teacher! Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Uplifting; Humorous; Good speaker.
  • David Zinger is an excellent speaker; Educational and inspiring.
  • Excellent speaker; the best presentation of the day!
  • Excellent – he should appear with Stuart McLean!
  • Very good! Excellent, I love the “hand.”
  • Fun; Enlightening; Motivational; Sincere.
  • Excellent; Awesome; Great way to end the symposium.
  • Good wake up call on every day matters.
  • Great closing; Excellent speaker.
  • He’s a Zinger!

For Information or Bookings Contact:

David Zinger

David Zinger & Associates

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